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Marble Surface

I took both the basic and advance class and was not disappointed. Iesha was patient and very informative. She made sure you had all the tools when it came to creating covers and also showed you how to create different genres without you leaving confused or lost. Iesha also took you step by step in each class to make sure you understood the information she was telling you. After taking both classes I definitely feel more confident when it comes to creating covers and can’t wait to put all the tools learned to use for my personal use. I would highly recommend the class for anyone wanting to learn how to create not just covers but graphics as well!

Marble Surface

Prior to taking Iesha’s cover design class, I was CLUELESS when it came to what components went into designing a cover. For one, I didn’t realize each genre had fonts specific to their style of design. After being in both the basic and advanced classes, I can say that I am more confident in my photoshop abilities. I have made beautiful covers over the course of this class all thanks to Iesha’s amazing teaching techniques. Not only is she kind and works at a pace that guarantees success, but she takes time to help us with individual covers to enhance our vision. I highly recommend this class!

Marble Surface

Mariah, AUTHOR

I went into this class with no experience in photoshop, now I can make a beautiful cover in no time at all. The best part is that you can go back and rewatch anything that you are struggling with. I have already made my money back just doing my own covers!

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Brooke Renee, AUTHOR

I learned so much in the Cover Design class and I loved working with Iesha Bree, she was so patient and helpful. When I first started the class I knew nothing about Designing a cover, but thanks to her detailed courses I just designed my first book cover

Tay Mo'Nae, AUTHOR


*Everything taught in this class is not the law where cover design is concerned. All information provided is based upon the designer's opinion on what works for her. Iesha Bree does not promise to make you a professional designer by the end of these classes, this is solely a sharing of information she has learned while being a cover designer. Taking this class does not mean you will become a millionaire or make thousands of dollars. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. If you do not agree to the terms stated above please do not sign up for the classes. Thanks in advance!